Jufi Studio

Fedor Fischer Ivana Jurich

About Jufi

Coexistence, tolerance, happiness, tired of hearing bad news, they talk about their conditions. They want to turn towards the positive, to detach from reality.

They transfer their own spiritual world and materialize it through the painting. They revive; within art they use the possibility of representing the ideal world.

Ivana & Fedor

Ivana? She’s an animator. Her stop-motion animated films touched hearts and souls of many jury members in numerous festivals and curators in places such as MOMA. Fedor - he’s a painter. His paintings toured all the dark and bright places of human heart and soul and those journeys led their path towards various exhibitions and collections. Fedor and Ivana, they are different. But, when it comes to Jufi, they are the same.

They paint at the same time

They paint at the same time, establishing balance and equality. Ego is always present on all other paintings and you can see precisely who painted what in the paintings. On Jufi paintings they oppose their own ego and exclude it, thereby achieving harmony and unity.